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Eville 3 Pack Eville 3 Pack x86 Torrent

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Includes 3 games! Pirateville and Vampireville Misteriville 2!

Enjoy hours of hidden object adventure games of the three

Find the hidden items in the shops with Eurekaberg Loro second Misteriville

Avoid the ghosts, as well as looking for a successor to free the prince, and their life after księżnaMalgreideath Vampireville.

They went into an adventure full of magic, love, gold and bloody chest Pirateville.

This game is not compatible with Apple / Mac

Requires Windows 10 ,, 7, Calne KSP.

naminalnyE10 +: All 10 years of age or older.

Minimum processor 600MHz or better kompatybilnościPentium

The required minimum resolution1024 × 768

Prime Minister 03/05/13

livestock brand

publisher Cosmas

Content plays Hidden Object / Puzzle

additional conditions, of DirectX, keyboard, mouse

PC platform

Software, such as CD-ROM

The minimum hard disk space: 350 MB

ESRB Rating E10 +: All of 10 years and more

system compatibility

hfor Windows; Windows XP; Windows 7 to 10 (32 64-bit)

starostPreporukabolsh 10 years

Memory requirements 512 MB

Installation Instructions

Evil 3 Instructions for installing the update

1) Open the folder each game one at a time

2) KliknijThe (application)

3) If you ask to install DirectX (click the IES)

for eachgame

You will have a lot of DirectX

Folders or programs installed on your computer

They will replace another

(NICE) should be installed on every game!

4) Directions Voll games.

Ready! Enjoy

Eville 3 Pack

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