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Hospital 2017 Hospital 2017 DVDR license free movie download torrent

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Hospital Village Women Amira went to town to find work. He started working as a nurse at the hospital, but while there, he started getting chased by a disembodied whisper strange woman. He started looking for answers and found that she needed his help.


Classification: NA

General Release Date: 13 April 2017

Type: Horror / Thriller

Running Time: Not Available

Distributor: METRO Wealth

Actor: Fatin Afeefa, Shima Maher, Nina Iskandar, Fizz Fairuz

Director: MohdAzaromi Ghozali


When the spiritual department has long fascinated people with dissociative identity disorder and avoid the science, it is believed that some may also physical characteristics that are unique to each real personality, cognitive and psychological prism in one piece. Although Kevin 23 normal personality is a psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher has pointed out, is still in the water to keep kenyataandan dominate all others. Forced to run for three young girls, led by lies, obey Casey, Kevin reachedBattle for survival among those included in it – and everyone around him – but to destroy the wall of the compartment.

Hospital 2017

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