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Left 4 Dead is the new survival multiplayer FPS from Valve, the creators of the Half-Life series. This will move you into scenarios full of zombies, infected and three other victims. Zombies, as in the horror movie 28 days later, are not the monsters of the logging past, but lightning fast, and run in your sight.The first time this happened to you in the game, he leaves an impression.

The game starts at night, as you and your team are trying to get to the metro from the roof. When entering kwanzajengo, youcan only see with the flashlight beam. Lightning effect is important for spinning and sending zombies that race foryou. The only time you will feel all right is when the whole team firing, providing enough light to see.

We played the Left 4 Dead demo with one player, so the rest of the team controlled the AI. They seem very effective, although, obviously, it wasWould be better than four people. The keyboard and mouse controls work fine, graphicsna physics is great and the sound is frighteningly good. The weaponis loud, just a reassuring voice in the game, and moaning and moaning and precious zombies, unfortunately, are not enough to keep up with tension.
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Left 4 Dead, of course,An adult game, and a lot of blood, gore and swearing. Horror fans will love it if you are of the opinion that it is committed with the launch of a zombie zombie knowledge in general. Speed ​​Your enemies attacking the game the reality of fear, like kikawewe himself shot from fear more than anything else.

Left4 Dead is a fantastic, fastpaced and horrific first-person shooter that deserves to be played by everyone who dares.


Left 4 Dead

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