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In the near future, tired Logan care for the sick, Professor X somewhere on the border with Mexico. But Logan trying to hide from the world and his legacy has turned when it comes to the young mutant, pursued by dark forces. In 2029 has significantly reduced the mutant population, and the X-Menrasformirovali. Logan, whose power to heal yourself exhausted itself looks with alcohol and now earns a living as a driver. This makes for a sick old Professor X, he hid like. Then one day, a femalestranger asks Logan to a girl named ryLaura to kanadskomugranitsy. At first he refused, but the professor is waiting a long time for it to appear. Laura has an unusual battle prowess, and in many ways, like Wolverine. It seeks sinister figures working on a powerful corporation; This is because ditDNA soderzhitsekret that it connects with Logan. Relentless pursuit began – In this third film outing with the image of the character from Marvel Comics superhero Wolverinemy surround everydaysee problems. They grow old, sick and struggling to oorleefrespek financially. drevniyLogan forced to ask himself whether he can or even wants to put a

A teenage girl discovers a box magical powers and a deadly price for its use. Teen girl gets a magic box that will provide seven wishes. If she used zhelaniedlya personal gain, bad things start to happen to those around her. Courage 2017 HDRip
She discovers the evil creatures living inside the box and pozaduZhahlivi be dead.


Logan 2017

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