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release 26/07/2015

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The period of the ancients, the earthly kingdom ruled by God

pure evil, the slave of all mankind under his Dominion. but

fear turned to anger as insurgency has grown in the human heart –

until the dawn of the Rising, when the struggle for freedom

started. God threw the noblesetelahKeberhasilan to fall,

Dictated by a new innocent mundokung which may bamaging

forgiveness and redemption is not an option.

Now, thousands of years later, the world was trembling with fear as the devil

Rhogar Legion behind their dark kingdom, driven by guilt

hungry for the spirit of the innocent. Humanity, in a last desperate act,

mustahilDefender call – the sinners are punished, rejected

throughof the people and threw the man known Harkyn

Now, along with his mentor, Kaslo, they gawinpaglalakbay source

face Lords of the Fallen.

Plunged into the fast-paced action RPG with satisfactory complexat

close combat system where the weapons, armor and skills directly

affect the speed of the opponent, and if all else fails,

membasmimusuh use the power of magic is forbidden


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