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Max Payne 3 Max Payne 3 64-Bit download torrent

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You can pre-order the game now, released on 1 JunieMax Payne 3 is an action game pure and simple. Rockstar’s successor in 2003, the Max Payne 2 remains true to the series, while looking every bit 2012 blockbuster should expect that.


Max Payne 3 retains its heritage third person shooter. Bullet time is an essential part again in its quest tons of enemies and survive bullets scènesvol aimed directly at you. There are three ways to target – hard and soft closing and free off-targetforward on the outside. Hardlock sticks her purse to set goals and move along with them, while the soft lock Max does target the nearest enemy.

The intense firefights told through flashback, as Max tells how his life at rock bottom, in the city of São Paulo. scenes flow seamlessly into the action, Max Payne 3 make truly immersive. We Ikhopen more such action seamless GTA V looks.

modes of multiplayer racing verskil include excellent »Gang Wars » remaining pieces like a mini-series between the two bands. Bullet time is well integrated into the multiplayer also to enable anyone in his line of sight in bullet time when activated.

Graphics and sound

Max Payne 3 looks great. Heti full of visual effects that contribute to the feeling of suppressed history of Max and the environments are well dead. Rockstar did not disappoint when it comes to voting act and Max Payne 3 is no exception. Max himself cynically funny, and the bandsound fits perfectly with the sound of bullets clap around the slums of Galicia.

The multiplayer in Max Payne 3 means you play the game to get for a long time, but the single player campaign also offers a number of major challenges. Even with Disc Lock, the game is difficult, but it makes it even more rewarding when you succeed.


Max Payne 3 is a worthy successor, with a great game, and an intriguing atmosphere. The action is challenging and brutal, but always fun you want to tryagain. You may not be as revolutionary as the original or LA Noire, but Max Payne 3 is eenveel game more proficient and an essential title in 2012.

Max Payne 3

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