Microsoft NET Framework RC 4 download

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Microsoft NET Framework RC 4 Microsoft NET Framework RC 4 download

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Free .NET Framework of the world’s leading software developer of Microsoft allows users to build web, desktop and mobile applications are designed to work with mobile devices, computers and servers, Windows, and thus also packages with Visual Studio . Application developed inThis framework, which can reach a global audience of almost a quarter of a billion users in a wide range of devices such as Windows Desktop, Mobile, Surface Hub, Hall Lens and Xbox.

Framework NaglalarawanAng

. NET Framework is a comprehensive and consistent programming model Microsoft to createApplications using the Secure Communication Lines and simulate many interconnected business processes. This provides significant improvement in basic needs, such as CLR (Common Language Runtime) and key BCL (Base Class Library), newly converted files memory and numericType, a series of excitingMonitors in the language # programming Visual Basic and C, as well as support functions of the Windows touch, multitouch functionality, tape control is located on the taskbar suggested extension, SK and surface. WFC data services is an integral part of the framework that makes the developmentOn own services and applications based on the representative member transfer (REST) ​​protocol used for open data (O-data), to identify and use data on the Internet.

Frame interface and usability

Currently, a total of 5 repetitionsFramework, partikularAng .NET Framework 4, .NET Framework, SP1 (Service Pack 1) included in the recurrence package. The .NET Framework version supported by Service Pack 2 (Service Pack 2) and later. NET Framework, supported with Service Pack 1, as well. NET Framework and backup SP1. You may have multiple versions of the .NET platform. Founded thereTogether on the same machine, without losing the functionality of television. In most cases, you can use the latest repeat frame to run applications made for older versions. NO. Last. NET Framework 4 does not automatically help pre-installed, the olderApplications. Neobhidnyyz specific program.NET Framework is intended for the purpose to be introduced if the developer does not provide the configuration file to provide application to work with. NET Framework version 4.

After growing the programGamitin framework and feature Windows upgrades, requires users to install the latestVersion, which makesdlyarozrobnyky mandatory and regular users. In these cases, the user may have problems installing, upgrading and installing again. Repair tool is available for free download Microsoft can maintain balance. NET is fully optimizedAnd the full opportunity to keep up with the developers and users of digital and online life on Windows.

Microsoft NET Framework RC 4

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