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CG-animated adventure about a teenager pure spirit of sailing on a daring mission to demonstrate control over Vaifinder and fulfills his unfinished quest ancestors. During his trip, once mighty demi-god Maui Bora meet and together they went to the open sea on the road full of activities, fiery,encounter great creatures of Impossible Odds.

In the near future, Logan tired look after a sick professor Ks hiding on the border with Mexico. or naporiu Loganukrić pre bidac his legacy, and he finished the young mutants when it arrives, it will be dark forces. In the near future, Logantired look after a sick professor Ks hiding on the border with Mexico. But Logan is trying to hide from the world and his legacy is finished when it reaches the young mutants will be dark forces.

Loving celebrate the courage and commitment to real interracial couple, Richard and Mildred Loving, who spadłvlove and marriage rasliCentralna point, bachtref in Virginia, it is more integrated than in the surrounding areas of South America. However, the state of Virginia, where their home and starting a family, which was first imprisoned and then deported. Richard and Mildred to move their children in the center of Washington,DC Although the relationship feel welcome and not more urban environment feel like home for them. In the end, it will be removed from korzeniamiVirginia activated Mildred that pokušapronaći their way back

five mlineddoed Saro lost in the train that takes him thousands of miles through India, far from home and family.Saro must learn to survive alone in Calcutta, before being finally adopted by a couple from Australia. Twenty-five years later, armed with a few memories, her unwavering determination and revolutionary technology called Google Earth is determined to find his missing familyiVreszcie back to your first home.


Moana 2017

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