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Prototype 2 is better than we hoped. It has a strong story and the protagonist can empathize, but more than that, the game has been improved in every respect, so that sandbox game may have provided the most dostupne.Prototip 2 is a great game.

You play Sergeant James Heller, a soldier who has the power to shape change. The deadly virus through New York, my family and do not have anything to live, instead of killingthe man he blamed for their deaths – Alec Mercer, the protagonist of the first prototype.

Prototype 2 The New York Zero divided into zones based on the level of infection. green, sekiranyaselamat, a yellow, poor and filled the city cottage, where to find the virus, and red, where the virus was still. How to be published in all of these areas, the way you will be faced with Alec Mercer. Consuming others, Sergeant James Heller can take the identity merekakenanganand read it.

Heller said autoritetPrototip 2 so much fun – jumping, climbing and flying around a big city, but the fight is different and not boring. As an extra challenge, you have to tack a better and more diverse prevazićineprijatelja and bosses will meet. Infiltration compounds musuhakan be fun, while trying to take and about the characteristics of people who have a different perspective drugih.Opcije IOU Up to advance, for example,a soldier in biology forget that Prototype 2 is a game with 18 points for any reason?

Heller is an interesting feature, some things sempurnadan humor throughout the game. 2 prototype sound is generally good, some pretty creepy sound effects. Added some nice pictures too. New York looks very good, and full of life and details that make believe okruženju. Max Payne 3 helikopteri and reservoirs in Prototype 2 looks great, especially to theirPiece!

Overall, Prototype 2 is a huge improvement over the original entertainment. Now sometimes monotone ship, but, in general, the development of radical learn from that mistake. This is one of the nicest sand in recent years, the area has an interesting story, the characters are charismatic and imejbenar really impressive. not to be missed.


Prototype 2

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