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Prototype 2 Prototype 2 Windows XP/7/8 Flirtz portable download torrent

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Prototype 2 is much better than we anticipated. He has a strong storyline and main character, you can sympathize, but more than that, in general, improved gameplay, making it probably the most difficult game in the sandbox are available. Prototype 2 is a great game.

You chwaraeRhingyll Dzheyms Heller, a soldier who changed the schemepower. deadly virus swept New York, killing his family and nothing left to live, but to kill a man for you, you charged smerti- Merzer Alex, the protagonist of the first prototype.

prototeip2 Zero in New York is divided into zones, depending on the level of viral infection. There’s a greencolor, which should be safe, yellow, which is poor and full of slums where the virus can be detected and red where the virus is endemic. You will achieve this mission in all areas on the way to face Alex Merzer. The consumption of other, we can assume, Heller Sergeant Dzheyms identityand read their memories.

Hellersily rishenPrototyp 2 is so much fun – jumping, climbing and fly through the city is beautiful and varied and fight is never boring. As the call, we will need more and more variety of tactics to overcome the enemy and bossyou may encounter. Infiltrate enemy compounds as well as you are trying various forms of others out of sight. eichopsiynau available to increase as we move, for example, in biological transformation soldier not forget schohra Prototype 2 through 18 rated!

Geller is attractivecharacter, with some beautiful things and often funny Oh whole game. Prototype 2 is an overall sound is excellent, with some pretty scary sound effects. Some graphical touches very good. New York is a very good and full of life and details, making it an attractive placefor navigation. Helicopters and tanks Prototype 2It looks great, especially when you razdirayuchyih to pieces!

Typically, Prototype 2 is a significant step forward compared with the original goals. There are occasional uniformity in some missions, but in general, developer Radical Entertainment has its dysguoddierrors. This is one of the most enjoyable sandbox in recent years, fleshed out with the story compelling, charismatic characters and some really impressive graphics. Not to be missed.

Prototype 2

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