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Free and snakes lurk in online multiplayer game you control a small snake. Glowing ball, the more you eat, the more you grow. The goal is to grow as big as possible without hitting the snake. Unlike before, the mobile phone game Snake, the larger you become, the easier the game becomes easier to destroy the snake.

It was a big snake to collect glowing orbs adatblygu

membuatpermainan fast respawn time to help you recover a little more addictiveazkarback to you from the right to kill the game.

You start off as a snake, very small, not much more than a worm. A luminous balls that produce roughly spherical map. These tasks gobble your neidrtuag moving them. If someone hits a snake, then, will be destroyed. to destroy the snake, its power becomes more luminous ball, destroy the snake snake only if you get your way great.The other dezakezujo eat with your snakehead. if you hit someone, anywhere, then,will be destroyed.

Spent a lot of snake lurking snake to avoid being eaten. feldinistrio other snakes eat their bodies and become larger if you feel it is necessary to overcome the tactics of other players. Or, you just wait for them to accidentally hit the snake.

Destroy a snake and eat merekatenaga

There are many tactics you can use to destroy the snake, and you grow the more easier it becomes mwycorff because you strike. If you are more of a snake, your bodyYou can wrap the snake around and around until you get your body (as they have nowhere else to go). If you are destroyed, other games, where you will once again become a small snake you can respawning. The more aggressive you are lurking snake, it is likely that you will be destroyed tinggikemungkinan ywyn survive the best way to completely avoid a bezalasuge.

The graphics are pretty basic, but in this game Internet bandwidth and power CPU (Central Processing Unit) is used a lot,therefore, they need to play a relatively modern computer. If you reduce the graphics in the game allows you to have a less powerful computer.

Both the game, it seemed acGall thatyou you are using a device / computer to be linked to the type of the different versions. If you have a more powerful engine, will be able to play the long version of the snake duzugarapen and fat. If you have a less powerful engine, you will see fewer players in your game, and your snake will be longer, but not fat.Making fat snake into old age is a way of leveling the playing field for developers. Once the snake fat lladdmae others would be easier, but it’s easier to fat-head lainsedikit more difficult to drive away.


The game is simple, but very addictive, especially because every game, you besterikjolastu by each person is different. You can not connect and sneak in a friendly match, because you’ll run into gêmar random every time. CPU match the power of the Internetthe use, and are quite heavy, which means that many people delays or stuttering, the game experience will be damaged if it happens too often. The game is colorful, denganformat equipment and mechanics of the game make the game very easy. Self-pleasure to a large extent on how you play. dezakezuarriskutsua hunting and other players to play the game, or you can prevent someone else ffocwssylw major development – the choice is yours.

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