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modeling software usually comes in gradients – from the crazy buggy as easy as Google SketchUp. StarUML is one of the first and not recommended for beginners. However, he is free and once overcome, the result is very professional.

The key behind StarUML module MDA (Model Driven Architecture) which allows users to model very complex. The reason is that the MDA supports many important podešavanjempoput UML profile, Approach, Box model, NCS (continued notation), code andMDA document template.

It is also open to the plugin. Developers have realized that many modelers mestidapat integrate third-party connectors and accessories StarUML architecture is very simple but powerful. The developers suggest that with this, each can be further developed in modules COM compatible language such as C ++, Delphi, C #, and VB.

Some of the easiest and disukaiProgram palingMengkaji chart that allows you to see at a glance the number of their creationsbefore finishing. For free modeling program, it is very strong, but you have to be a seasoned pro to master and a good programmer to develop a plugin.

StarUML 5.02

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