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The Escapists v1 The Escapists v1 Torrent Download

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Escapist + Mod

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Overview: Immerse yourself in the multi-million selling Prison Escape game, now on Android!

Crafts, steal, fight and escape!

You have landed back in prison, and the only way to escape is to develop in any way. How do you feel? Why not create a prison riot? Or dig a tunnel directly under the prison walls? Or even stealuniform of a guard, so that the mixing of prisoners?

Escapist is a unique experience of prison sandboxmay many factors combine HandwerkUnd in his bold quest for freedom. Life imprisonment will keep you on your toes with strict rules, which must break you. Guards to stop any attempt to escape, so you see suspicious behavior shouldbe avoided by taking part in tenders, work work in prison and kept the stolen hand tools.

uciekającjest what best to do, and you have to prove their skills in a variety of harsh bilangguanlahat over the world.

Today face the truth!


– Fixed a bug where the game online requires a connection to each startup

– Various fixes and improvements

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Title: The Escapist

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy

Developer: Moldy Toof Studios

Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd.

Release Date: February 13, 2015

About the Game

Escapist offers the chance to experience the carefree outlook on everyday prison life and how it isfor all residents, the main objective is to escape! Even under the watchful Guardian UhrDer playersmust emit useful items from among the prisoners go about their daily duties secret noses. You can teach the refugees apparently harmless objects useful tool even make weapons and use them to perform clever diversionary tactic.

Players have to know when they will have to reconcile with their time wisely, while their itobumuopersonal evacuation plan. Science prison daily routine and spotting opportunities are part of life behind bars develop potential routes and even vicious guards will soon become second nature.

While they pamiętaćudziału to tender, in order to keep their jobs and maintain their roommates on the side, players can also use advance your character stats in different ways, byincreasing their brains and regular naehersisyo. Scales usual routine of careful planning to achieve the ultimate goal – the flight and freedom!

10 full prisons operating with complete routine to give a flavor of how it * really * in the middle!

10Aby make separate job opportunities for you to sink your teeth, if you have the knowledge and hold employment paths of course!

To search 185+ unique items foryourself and perhaps useful items from the craft. (Team17 full use of various armastulad shivs, nunchucks Blunt in the fictional setting of course!).

Various Bevorzugungstypen you offered the prisoners, who are not wollenUm terazniepokojące, right?

Arrogant and extremely entertaining the prisoners and guards to keep you on your toes and keep you entertained!

exercise their escape route for you and achieve the title escapist!

wildernessspace area, so you can have more than one attempt to escape the go!

Steam strive to achieve.

leaders steamPagkatapos escape, you see how successful escape gone against other players!

WięzienieTworzenie editor from scratch maternity IhreSehr own work and share it with the community!

System requirements


Operating system: Windows XP

Processor: Dual Core CPU GHz

Memory 2 GB of RAM

Graphics Card: IntelHD Graphics 4000, the NVIDIA GeForce 8000, ATI Radeon HD 4800 series

Storage: 2 GB of free space

Sound Card: Windows compatible Card

Additional information: naminbago recommend you start the game update hardware drivers on your computer. If your computer does not jużobsługiwane their manufacturers and hardware drivers are very old, you may have problems running the game. Please contact your computer manufacturer.

The Escapists v1

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