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Earlier published by THQ, WWE combat simulator annual hit on the computer, like 2K buy license. This means that despite more than a decade of games on Windows computers, available only in two tranches.

This means that – if you are looking for a game that will help you play your favorite WrestleManiaYour moments – there is no better place to start this year’s WWE 2K16.


But the game sugerujecieKupić not only because of the latest versionvery support? Well, do not worry, even if the game is the same as the WWE 2K15 base game (with many of the same mechanical problems), there are several reasons to pick it up.

ThenThe first round of this year has the largest superstars muscle groups. While it is true that it is quite diramalklimaks, it has the advantage that it allows you to create any type of book and fancy międzyLegendy last list. The ideal way to defeat Dean Ambrose for humanity.

Another big oneBonus for WWE fans is that the single 2K Exhibition game focuses on the story of a more iconic comparison than last year. While the WWE 2K15 has seen D-Generation X fall, and the rivalry between Price vs. CM Shafe is interesting, it’s pale compared to the ability to « Stone Cold » Steve AustinsManaged by WCW and WWE Era.

Survivor Series

It includes a minute when an amazing WrestleMania 13 match match between Texas Rush Snakes and Brett Hart Hitman. The aim is to create historical moments from the fight that can still be found in today’s video package. Recognizing this canIs disappointing, tetapiIni is very rewarding to watch the scene if you manage it.

2K Exhibition connects to career mode which allows you to create your own superstar. Beginning of development NXTLiga should create competition and unions within which to help buildSkills and develop their reputation. Again, this can be difficult, especially when starting a new fighter is very low even, but taking merekaIa progress is satisfactory.

Unfortunately, the YUKE game engine is intense and long. This is not a big surprise! No team is yearsThe recovery from 2000. Although several years ago, a new renovation efforts, bohaterowiePozostają tree, often hiding and drag around the ring pre-introduction of canned animations, and do not move naturally.

King Ring

WWE2K16 not a big fight game, but for WWE fans is the only oneFight game. While it would be great to see what 2K and Yuke can do if it lasts two years to re-establish the right to vote from the outset – it seems that the annual update of everything we can. Not perfect, but still a solid choice iWypełniona and funTo keep in WrestleMania mode.

WWE 2K16

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